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Wedding venues checklist

Questions to ask about your venue

When you are trying to select a venue for your wedding, forgetting to ask a important question could mean you end up selecting a venue that is missing a key element.

To save this from happening, we have designed the following guide to help you select your venue. Whilst you may not think that all the questions are relevant to you, we would suggest you try and answer as many of them as possible. Your circumstances may change and a question that seems unimportant now may prove to be very important when your big day comes.

Wedding venues checklist

Room Questions

Catering Questions

Financial Questions

Questions to ask about the venue

  1. Is your venue available on the required date?
  2. Is your venue easy to find?
  3. Do hold a license for weddings?
  4. Does it have a kosher certificate?
  5. How many people can you accommodate?
  6. How many car parking spaces are available?
  7. Do you have a noise limiter fitted or can we turn the music all the way up?
  8. Are there any bedrooms over the dance floor?
  9. Do you allow professional firework displays at your venue?

10. What’s the waiter-guest ratio? (1:8 is perfect, 1:10 is good)

For ideas on great venues for your wedding or bar/bat mitzvah in Israel contact us now!