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Part 2 – Proven Strategies for Successful Bar Mitzvah Studying

Here’s the second part of the Strategies. Make sure you follow these steps to get the best results and remember to share them with your friends. We all need good advise sometimes!

6. Be Prepared

If you want your Bar/Bat Mitzvah studies to go as smooth as possible, be prepared and show your parents that you are indeed taking on more responsibility. The self-control and discipline that you will be displaying through the act of being prepared will impress your parents and give you that great feeling of responsibility that young adults crave.

7. Be Patient

It’s really important that you understand that studying for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah takes a lot of time and effort and that there will be times that you feel that you just need to take a break, and you should. Once you start to feel that you just can’t continue, it is time to take a break and get your mind onto something else. A great tip is to try and figure out if there’s a pattern to when you begin to fill overwhelmed and then plan your breaks around this time. This will help you avoid any feelings of frustration that tend to occur at certain times of study.

8. Know Your Material

When you begin to get deeper into your studies, make sure you understand what you are learning. This may sound simple and it may be for some, but there are usually lots of questions that come up when studying for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. When they do, make sure to make a note and then ask your tutor for clarification so that you can fully understand the material. Remember, this ceremony is a truly special time for you and your family and therefore completely understanding what you are saying will let you enjoy it all the more.

9. Embrace Your Feelings

It is really important that you try and embrace the feelings you start to get. This is completely normal and everyone experiences these feelings to some degree, especially as you start to imagine yourself actually going up to the Torah and start to read. A great idea is to give yourself permission to feel these nervous feelings, but only for a certain amount of time. For example, you can only be nervous 2 weeks before the special event or maybe even 30 minutes before the ceremony; it’s up to you.

10. Take Time To Appreciate The Little Things In Life

When you start to organize and plan for your upcoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah be sure to include some time for having fun with your friends and family. Taking the time to stop and appreciate all the little things in life that make you happy is probably the best strategy of all… Good Luck!